Business Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Over the past few years, explainer videos have gained popularity as an excellent marketing tool due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. Let’s say you want to make an Animated Explainer Video in Canada for your business, but you are not sure what benefits you will get out of it.

Well, don’t worry, because here are some benefits of explainer video for business that will tempt you to make your own.

Increase Web Traffic

A well-made and attractive animated explainer video can get a large viewing in a short amount of time, gaining popularity faster. It allows you to get more traffic on your webpage.

For example, you make an Animated Explainer Video in Canada for a local business. You publish it on your website and different other social media platforms (which you cannot do with long textual materials) and even e-mails and attract quick attention to your small local business.

A lot of brands that we know and use their products gained popularity through their viral animated explainer videos.

Better ROI and Conversion Rates:

It is more likely to get potential customers if they get a clearer idea about your product or services. An explainer video increases these chances by 73% by briefing the customers quickly about your product or service, thus, getting more customers to buy and increasing the conversion rates. So, in return for a small investment in an explainer video, you get a big profit in sales making it an excellent ROI option to go for.

Visitor Records And Monitoring

Most businesses count sales to determine their popular products. Well, explainer videos help in the same way to keep track of which product or service people are more interested in by displaying the number of views on each video.

This gives an idea about how many site visitors could become actual customers.

Rank Better In Google And Other Search Engines

According to research, websites that have a lot of pages of block text rank lower in Google search. And if you rank lower, it only means one thing; less business. However, having videos and images on your website allows your page to rank higher and faster. So, if you wish to rank higher in Google universal searches, get your business explainer video to work for you.

Increased Brand Awareness and Trust:

With an animated explainer video, you can influence a lot of viewers. By getting the video viral on different internet platforms, explainer videos help to increase brand identity and can boost your online presence and customer engagement.

These videos demonstrate to the customers about what they are buying and what benefits they will receive thus building their trust in your product or service. Instead of having a long textual page for FAQs, you can make an informative video that customers will be interested more in viewing than reading the unattractive long text paragraphs.

Help Audience Understand Your Product/Services Better

You might have heard that you learn things quickly when you see them. This is correct because a study conducted by Wharton Research Center showed that an average person retains only 10 percent of what he hears, but retains 50 percent of what he sees.

Now, you might be wondering how it is related to your business. Well, making an explainer video about your products or business works the same way. Through this, people are more likely to keep your products or business in mind and purchase them.

Furthermore, a quick short explainer video lets the people see what your product or service actually is and how to use them which will help to satisfy their doubts and can contribute to an immediate sale for you.

Summing Up

With the growing trend of video marketing, it has become a necessity to invest in unique strategies to boost your business performance for reaching more customers. So, get an animated explainer video for your business site and make the internet rock with your ideas.

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