5 Benefits of Using Affordable Cloud PACS and RIS Systems

Many radiologists and physicians must be familiar with PACS and RIS. The healthcare facility might be looking for affordable cloud PACS and RIS systems that are integrated to provide more efficient service for medical examinations. The combination of both can provide great benefits not only for the hospital staff but also for patients.

Better Functions of a Hospital Radiology Department

Radiologists need a good reason to use PACS software that is combined with RIS. Nevertheless, they will love using this software because of the way it is often arranged with the RIS. The RIS or radiology information system is used for recording the patient radiology histories. The scheduling appointments are also made with this system. Meanwhile, the main purpose of PACS software is to store and retrieve images. When both are combined, the radiology department of the hospital can function better. Every image created with PACS software cannot only be stored but also retrieved and transferred securely.

Better Patient Data Organization

Is radiologist the only party that benefited by using affordable cloud PACS and RIS systems? A lot of patients come and go to the hospital every day. Organizing patient data can be very challenging because of the big size. With the PACS software and RIS system combined, the data can be organized better because the radiology reports are stored in a specific order. Of course, they are also digitally stored. It will be easier for the physician to access the patient data using this software.

Better Image Visualization

Another great benefit that can be found from the PACS software and RIS combination is better image visualization. PACS software comes with various tools for enhancing the visualization of the images. It is possible to enlarge the visual using electronic manipulation. The PACS software allows the physician to rotate the images for creating 3D images of bones, organs, blood vessels, and tissues. This way, the physician can interpret and analyze the data better.

Financial Savings

The combination of PACS software and RIS system can offer financial savings as well. How can the saving be made? With the cloud-based system, there is no need to print films of the image. To see the images and reports, the physician only needs to use the software on the computer or other digital devices. The hospital does not have to spend money on printing expenses, ink, or film. There is no more need to pay a staff to do those services as well.

Benefits for Patients

Using PACS software with the RIS system will also give great benefits to patients. With more advanced tools, the patients can get a diagnosis that is more accurate because of the images with high quality. Patients have to face radiation exposure to take the images. Overexposure can be dangerous for patients. Fortunately, this system can reduce patients’ exposure to radiation.

There was a time when the patients have to deal with image retakes over and over again. This situation can be reduced with this system combination. It can shorten examination time. Using affordable cloud PACS and RIS systems also reduces the side effects.

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