Benefits of Using Smart Endzone Camera Systems

The endzone camera system is now becoming an essential thing in the sports filming industry, especially in field sports such as soccer. Most soccer programs have something like a system of telescoping tripod towers that functions to record the soccer game from the end zone from an angle that is uplifted. This is why it is called endzone cameras. Usually, this standard endzone camera system has a camera remote, large cable, and monitor viewing screen.

A football endzone camera system also has something like a robotic mechanism that functions to tilt and rotate the camera. Nowadays, such a camera system has a more advanced technology, which is an advanced endzone camera system. Below are the advantages of endzone camera systems.

Built-In Sideline Replay

Back in 2017, coaches were able to change the way they conducted sideline instant replays, thanks to the EDGE Replay. Nowadays, the same incredible EDGE Replay technology is combined to the endzone camera system that is wireless and more advanced. The hardware is internally available in the system. This way, you can quickly download every recorded play to all iPads that are connected. This means that your endzone camera becomes a 2-in-1 system. So that it can present elevated videos and sideline instant replay simultaneously.

Control from Anywhere

The next benefit of an endzone camera system is you can control it from anywhere. It is because such a camera system has a control on iPad screens. This means that you can enjoy pan and tilt functionality, zoom or record functionality, and video feed all only on a single iPad. This way, you will be able to record soccer games on the sideline, in a tent, in the press booth, or in a nearby vehicle. As long as you are within the area of the EDGE Replay and smart camera wireless network, you can record the game.

No Need to Remove the Camera

The smart endzone camera system is designed by considering simplicity. The protective hard case is even manufactured knowing that the less you need to do, the better. Once you have finished using the system, there is no need for you to remove the camera. Instead, you just need to remove the tilt head or the smart camera pan with the camera still attached. Then, place it inside the hard case. You can even charge it while the camera is inside the case.

Easier Setup and Less Components

You no longer need to get involved with a hassle like soft camera remotes, joystick boxes and its battery, 30-foot-long HDMI cables, big cable bundles, and monitor screens with its battery supply. All parts and pieces that are bothering are already eliminated. What stays is one ethernet cable, antenna, router, wireless tilt head or smart camera pan, and some sources of batteries for the bottom and top of the tower. As you can see, there are less components you have to take care of.

Moreover, the smart endzone camera system is easier to set up. The camera, tilt head, and battery are on top. The antenna, router, and their battery are on the ground. Both are connected by the ethernet. And that’s it. Isn’t it easy?

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