The Features that the Best Waterloo VPS Hosting Offered

Do you have a problem finding the best Waterloo VPS hosting service? It is normal. Nowadays, you can find many options and service providers you can use. And, they are available and accessible from, not only Waterloo but also all around the world. The truth is you can find which service you can rely on by looking at the features they offer to their users. There will be many variations of features you can find from each provider. But, we have collected the most important features that a good VPS hosting should have. Here they are.

A Good Disk Performance

You will need it to let your website run smoothly. One of the best choices in this category is the VPS hosting that uses SSD Storage in RAID 10. As for the capacity, find one that offers at least 8TB. That will help you to create a dynamic style website that pleases your visitor’s eyes, while run smoothly, especially in the high traffic time.

High-Quality Network

The network quality also affects your website performance. A good VPS hosting should have a premium class network. Find one that uses the latest technology, like Cisco and fiber technology for its equipment. That kind of specification will give you the fastest and smoothest hosting performance.

Dedicated IPv4

The dedicated IP address can help you to improve your website security. Therefore, you also should find the web hosting provider that has the dedicated IPv4 feature for its VPS hosting product. With this feature, you will get at least two IP addresses, which are a dedicated public IP address and an internal IP address. If you need more, many providers for Waterloo VPS hosting also offer extra IP addresses you can buy.

Full Root Access

VPS hosting might doesn’t offer a dedicated server. You have to share the server with other users. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get more freedom to manage your virtual hosting server. Therefore, the full root access feature is necessary here. This feature allows you to control your server without limit. You can install different kinds of applications or systems on your server. That means you can do various types of websites, online projects, and others.

Various Payment Options

A good VPS hosting is also not only about its specification and technical stuff. Your convenience as a user is also essential. For that reason, choosing the hosting provider that accepts the different types of payment options will help you a lot to use their service comfortably. You can pay it with a credit card, online payment service, and even cryptocurrency. The hosting that provides them all is the one that you must use.


Based on all features that we explained above, we believe you can easily filter and short out the Waterloo VPS hosting provider you want to use. Then, compare them to find the provider with the best features and deals. Use review or other references to help you choose the best VPS hosting provider if it is necessary.

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