5 Most Valuable Actionfigurer that Inspire You to Invest in Toys

Investment instruments are not only limited to stocks, gold, land, and property but even toys are also a promising investment. It is the reason why some investors collect so many actionfigurer at home. Others may see the action figures as ordinary toys, but investors see them as a precious asset. The list below is the most valuable action figures of all time that makes its owner rich.

L’Oiseleur Doll

Can you imagine that you can earn up to $625 million only from a doll? Yes, you can if you have the L’Oiseleur doll at home. This action figure was created by Christian Bailly. It becomes precious and costly because the doll has over 2.000 moving parts. This doll is also known as a bird trainer. The moving parts allow this doll to play the flute. His eyes can also move around as watching birds circle over the head.

Madame Alexander Eloise

Madame Alexander Eloise is another the most valuable doll in the world. Imagine that the cost of this doll is up to $5 million. So, why is this doll so expensive? You can only find 5 Madame Alexander Eloise dolls in the world.

The outfit of this cute doll is also fantastic, which is the combination of Christian Dior and Oscar de la Renta. The amazing part is that you will also see the Harry Winston diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

Encrusted Barbie 

Barbie launched in 1959 and reached its popularity since then. This action figure even becomes the most popular collectible toy. Some versions reach the highest cost, including the encrusted barbie that costs up to $302.000. It is not only because of the popularity of the product but also the wardrobe. This barbie is wearing a 1-carat diamond necklace.

Star Wars Action Figures

Star Wars actionsfigurer are also what toy collectors are looking for. They are a promising investment since the cost is increased significantly during the time. Rocket Firing Boba Fett is one of the examples.

Nowadays, the cost of this action figure reaches $150.000. It is the same case with the 1977 Obi-Wan Kenobi with a double-telescoping lightsaber. The cost of this action figure in the market is $76.000 nowadays. Do you have Vlix with the original packaging? If so, you are rich since the cost of this toy is up to $60.000 now. It is a surprise because at first the price of this toy is only $5000.

Transformer Generation 1

Robot lovers can also be an investor. Collect robotic action figures, such as Transformers, and get a higher profit from them. A set of Transformer Generation 1 is $40.000 right now. It can be because of its original version and rarity.

Best of all, looking for action figures for investment is straightforward now. You can visit a specific website, such as runns.se to get action figures from a variety of brands, including DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, Nintendo, PlayStation, and many more.

Collect the action figures consistently and wait for the right time to sell them to get a higher profit. The list of the most valuable actionsfigurer above shows that toys can also be a great investment with a fantastic return. It seems that some people also think that collecting action figures is also a fun way of investment.

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