All You Need to Know About Fireproof Building Materials

A good, safe building should not only have a sturdy and appealing construction, but also can minimize various kinds of dangers. One of the most common dangers to a building is fire. It cannot be denied that fire can happen to any kind of building, such as offices and houses. Especially when a massive wildfire broke out in California back in August 2018 and destroyed so many homes and buildings, this incident made a lot of people consider having a fireproof house.

Fire can be avoided by choosing and using fireproof building materials. You can hire a fireproofing company that offers ignifugacion services. In this article, we will tell you anything you need to know about fireproof building materials.

What are Fireproof Building Materials?

Fireproof building materials are all types of materials that function as the main and complementary materials from natural materials or factory-made materials. They are either used together or separately to build a building. So that according to the functions, fireproof building materials can serve as a structural element of material for architectural works. Keep in mind that fireproof materials do not mean that they cannot burn at all.

Fireproof materials can only minimize fire to happen in the building. Things that differentiate among fire-resistant building materials are the duration. For example, metal burns slowly because the melting temperature of this material is the highest, which is between 1,300ºC to 1,500ºC. Moreover, there are also fire-resistant materials that have great durability.

Characteristics of Fireproof Building Materials

One of the characteristics of fire-resistant building materials is, of course, able to withstand high temperatures, which the temperature can be more than 1,000ºC. Therefore, the best building materials are essential especially for buildings who are frequently exposed to high temperatures. A good, professional ignifucation companies should know well the characteristics of each fire-resistant material. So that they will be able to choose the best one according to a building’s needs.

Kinds of Fireproof Building Materials

Below are the kinds of fire-resistant building materials that you can use to build a fireproof house, office, or other buildings.

  • Red Bricks

Red bricks are usually used as a wall filler in a building. Since the manufacturing process of this material involves a burning stage, red bricks have heat-resistant properties. So that this material can provide protection to buildings from fire hazards.

  • Galvalume

Galvalume can be the right option for roof constructions since this material is also fire resistant. Moreover, galvalume has better durability compared to wood, making this material a great alternative to wood for roof constructions.

  • Gypsum

Some people think that gypsum is a fragile material that easily breaks. In fact, there are some types of gypsum that are resistant to fire since they contain chemical fluids. These chemical fluids function to slow down the combustion process and the spread of fire.

  • Lightweight Bricks

The next fire-resistant building material is lightweight bricks or also known as hebel. Light bricks are generally used as a material for emergency stairs, ventilation in chimneys, and elevator corridors.

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