Use Non-Woven Reusable Bags for their Economical and Ecological Properties

We have been using different fabrics for various purposes since ages. Whether it’s the clothes we wear or the bed sheet on which we sleep. All items are made of different kinds of fabrics. Normally, these items are made by weaving the fabrics but there are certain items that are non-woven and not many of us know the difference between the two.

Fabrics are made by weaving or knitting but non-woven fabrics don’t have internal structures. Quilting and binding is needed to create non-woven fabrics whereas weaving requires a lot of effort and stitching. Patterns used in baskets are clear example of weaving. Woven fabrics are much stronger than non-woven fabrics but since non-woven fabric is easy to handle most reusable bags are made of it.

It is unlikely that anyone out there doesn’t know what polypropylene is. This thermoplastic polymer resin has many commercial, industrial, and fashion uses. We must also discuss the eco-friendliness and sustainability of polypropylene nonwoven fabric, which is one of the most eco-friendly options to other materials, due to its popularity.

Many companies are switching to non-woven bags for promotional strategy because it is cheap to buy such material. There are many manufacturers who make such bags as they are reasonable, recyclable and reusable. One such company is Custom Earth Promo that has been into recycling business since 2009. Apart from non-woven bags and woven bags they have many other items like umbrella, jotters, USB Drive etc. that are made from recycled bottles and other materials. For reference, you can visit their website.

Here are the benefits of using non-woven bags –

  • Non-woven bags give a message to people that the company which provided the bag is promoting social awareness.
  • They do not have any chemicals in it.
  • They are biodegradable which means they don’t release any harmful chemicals like plastic bags when burnt.
  • Since they are made of material which can be washed easily, you can use it for a long time.
  • Being light weight, they can be carried to any place and this means you can also carry it in your purse.
  • The above statement supports flexibility of bags as they can be folded in any shape so that they fit in your purse.
  • They are available in any size and color and can be purchased at a reasonable price.
  • You can Print Your Design On Full Color Printed Bags  for promoting the brand of your business.

More and more people are trying to use reusable bags showing love towards nature and environment. Whether it is woven or non-woven, each reusable bag has its own benefit –

  • It helps in keeping the environment green because when you keep using the same bag on and off it helps in saving trees which are cut down to manufacture paper bags and also less production of plastic bags means less consumption of petroleum and less release of harmful toxins.
  • They aren’t as simple as paper and plastic bags but because of various colors and designs on it, they depict your personality.
  • These bags aren’t only used for shopping but for various other needs like storing things in fridge, keeping kid’s toys, carrying clothes and food items for picnic and so on.

You should always buy a bag that has good dimension and space to carry anything. These bags are personalized for any purpose, either for office souvenirs, or for gifting a friend.

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