14 Useful Features You Can Find in Symantec Endpoint Security

Today’s online or digital crime is much worse than real-world crime. With a few lines of code, someone can mess up and even destroy a big company. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strong shield that can protect your company from those attacks. One of the best shields that we like is the Symantec Endpoint Security. This system has various technologies and features that provide the best protection that you need. Below, we have listed several best features you can get from it.

  • Antivirus and Antispyware – these two features protect your computer and network from viruses, spyware, adware, and other threats.
  • Personal Firewall – It also has a personal firewall that will filter and eliminate all kinds of dangerous and unwanted access to your network, and protect your personal information.
  • Intrusion prevention – The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is the second layer of defense that supports the firewall. With double layers of protection, your network and computer are safe.
  • Proactive threat scanning – This feature utilizes the heuristic process to analyze various behavior of applications to prevent any Trojan, worms, and keyloggers that might be hidden inside the application.
  • Device and application control – it has a job to control the access from outside using the external port, like USB, serial ports, FireWire, and such.
  • Kernel-level rootkit protection – this program also has a protection feature for the threat that comes from the rootkits program.
  • Role-based administration – you can adjust the role of different administrators to give multiple accesses based on their level,
  • Group update provider – you can configure the client set to provide the signature and content update for the member of the group. This way the security level can be adjusted and handled in the short possible time.
  • Location awareness – Symantec add this feature to help users make another layered permission for access based on the location. Therefore, if the clients are in a certain location, they can only access your network by following the setting in that location.
  • Policy-based settings – this feature supports the location awareness feature as the control panel for all clients’ settings. You can use this feature to adjust every part of this system.
  • Domains – you can use it to create global groups.
  • Failover and load balancing – This feature helps you a lot when you have a large network and want to conserve bandwidth consumption.
  • SQL database support – you can use this feature to store the client’s information in the SQL database for a much safer storage place.
  • Enhanced LiveUpdate – Symantec has upgraded the LiveUpdate feature. Now, you can do multiple tasks with it. You can download and install various contents, such as signatures, definitions, engines, product updates, and many more.


As you can see, Symantec Endpoint Security offers many beneficial features for your company and personal safety. And, those features also can grow and develop into a new and better one. Furthermore, Symantec provides a regular update, which helps you get better protection every day. That was the reason why we call Symantec Endpoint Security the best security system for you.

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