A Definitive Guide to Configuring Reseller Hosting Packages

In the web hosting landscape, Hosting Resellers have an opportunity to create a brand that focuses on specific market segments and establish a profitable business. As a Hosting Reseller, you focus on a specific segment of the market, identify specific hosting requirements of businesses from the segment, and create customized packages accordingly. There are many hosts offering Web Hosting Reseller plans that offer the resources required to create hosting packages for your clients. Reseller Hosting can be a great business opportunity if you design and price the packages right. In this article, we will talk about the Web Hosting Reseller business and offer a guide to configuring Reseller Hosting packages.

Understand the expectations of your clients

Before you create hosting packages, you must be clear about the market segment that you want to target and understand what they need from the hosting service. For example, the hosting needs of an e-commerce platform will be different than those of a blog. Hence, having this clarity is essential to create packages that are effective.

Research the hosting services currently being used by your target clients and try to understand the pain areas. This can be a good place to start as you would know what to offer to make the package appealing to them. Apart from the features, it will also give you a clear picture of the hosting resources required by them and the price range that they would be comfortable with.

This can give you a good platform to create your hosting packages. There are various parameters that you will need to set like the disk space, monthly bandwidth, maximum FTP accounts, maximum databases, maximum sub-domains, etc.

Pricing the packages right is also important since most site owners are sensitive about the cost of the hosting service as it is a recurring cost. Hence, avoid over-pricing the packages. Also, avoid the trap of highly underpricing them as that would render the business unsustainable or force you to compromise on the quality of service offered.

When you launch a Reseller Web Hosting business, you must be prepared to go through a few trials and errors before finding the optimum combination of features and pricing for your packages. Stay sensitive to the needs of your target clients, and the process can get simpler.

The following video gives a step-by-step guide to managing a Reseller Hosting business:

Summing Up

There are hundreds of Hosting Resellers and thousands of affiliates in the market trying to get the attention of site owners. With the competition being so fierce, the best way to establish your business is by focusing on a segment of the market and understanding its hosting requirements completely. This can allow you to offer hosting packages customized to their needs and even offer features that others aren’t offering. Remember, most site owners know that quality web hosting comes at a price. Hence, don’t try to attract them by offering low prices. Instead, focus on offering maximum value of money and establish the best Reseller Hosting business. Good Luck!

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