6 Features that the Best Canadian VPS Hosting Must Have

A good quality Canadian VPS hosting service always offers the best features for various activities. However, not many people know what kind of features that you should look for from a hosting service from Canada. Here, we have six features that a hosting service should have to be called the best hosting service you can use.

Speedy Server

A fast server helps you to have a stable and smooth network. Furthermore, what you are looking for here is VPS server hosting. It depends heavily on the server hardware to deliver its performance. A fast server means it also has high spec hardware. So, make sure you read what they offer, such as the CPU type, the amount of RAMs, and others. They should have this information on their website.


Find the VPS hosting provider that has the best price. However, the best price here doesn’t mean the lowest price. You also should compare it with the service they provide. If you could get the best service even with higher prices, we consider that as the best choice. But, if you can get the most affordable price for the best performance, that is a much better choice.

Reliable Customer Support

Make sure they also provide the best support and customer service. You can read the testimonial to find more about that. Find the service that receives many positive feedbacks for its support. However, reliability is not the only thing you should look for here. Find a company that also provides friendly support. You will feel more convenient when you contact them to ask and get the solution for your hosting problem.

Best Protection

A Canadian VPS hosting also must provide the best protection feature. One of the features that should be included in this category is your privacy protection guarantee. It means the data that you store in their server won’t be enclosed to the public. They also should prioritize protecting that information.

It also should have a full disk encryption feature. The encryption on their server can prevent any attempt to break and take the data in it. The attacker also can’t access the data because of this encryption feature. It seems too much, but you should get it to prevent any problem in the future.

Canada-Based Company 

A web hosting Canada also should operate their service from and in Canada. Why? It helps you to reach them easily whenever you have any problem. Furthermore, their team also can easily visit your place, whenever you need them to deal with the hosting problem.

DMCA Harassment Protection

Many people often use many holes in DMCA to report your website or blog. Now, if you have a hosting service with DMCA harassment protection, you can protect your website or blog. The hosting company won’t close your website when they receive the DMCA report. Instead, they will send it to you, so you can decide how you will deal with it. Now, are you ready to find and choose the best Canadian VPS hosting?



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