Best Hoteling Software to Manage Scheduling Process Simpler  

Technology helps all industries, including the hotel industry. Nowadays, people can easily reserve a room without going to the hotel first. DeskFlex improves this technology by adding valuable features. That’s why it becomes the best hoteling software that will boost the performance and services of the hotel. Check the details below.

Scheduling System

Imagine how hard it is to check the rooms in the hotel manually. DeskFlex helps the process by using an automatization system. Employees can check the available or booked workspaces, conference rooms, or hotel rooms in a few minutes. This software even can check the parking spaces and equipment. As a result, your customers can handle guests faster, easier, and more efficiently compared to apply traditional services. The faster your guests get a solution, the faster they decide to book in your hotel.

Reservations Integration System

Some hotels may use MS Outlook or MS Exchange to manage their reservations. It is not a problem if you want to transfer the data to the DeskFlex. This software is compatible with MS Outlook or MS Exchange. You can easily integrate the reservation data into this software and use it immediately. The benefit of using DeskFlex is that you can check the reservations in one place. You can also manage the reservation calendar for an easy, fast, and comfortable scheduling process.

Room Display System

As the best hoteling software, DeskFlex provides hotel owners with a room display system. This feature makes scheduling effortless. The screen displays the complete schedule. Employees even can create and cancel a room in a touchscreen screen system. This feature is suitable for managing conference rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, and operating rooms in your hotel. Employees and guests can see booked and available rooms in real-time.

Room Scheduling System

Employees must know the booked rooms, available rooms, rooms that will be filled in, or empty rooms that are ready to clean for the next guests. They can even cancel reservations right away if there is a changing schedule. The best part of using this system is that you can cut operational costs. Your hotel spends a limited amount of money but it gives significant impacts.

Workstation System

Using a traditional sign to show a reserved workstation seems to be old-fashion. Attract more guests by using an automatic workstation system by DeskFlex. There will be a screen with a touchscreen feature on the workstation. This screen shows whether the workstation is used, booked, or free. Employees and guests even can see the person who uses the workstation. It helps employees to direct guests that are looking for that person.


DeskFlex also offers Flexcube. This system helps to display the availability of workstations in real-time. Employees don’t have to walk to the workstation only to check the availability status. They can serve guests faster. The more comfortable the guests, the higher their satisfaction level. As a result, they will come back to use your hotel and even recommend the hotel to their friends and colleagues.

The best hoteling software by DeskFlex serves more than ordinary hoteling systems can do. Having better hotel management will also increase the productivity of its employees.

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