Facedrive, the Future Green Transportation Service

Facedrive maybe is one of the most popular companies today. It offers innovative ways to optimize greener transportation for many purposes. Because of that, the company that only starts as a small startup now becomes one of the biggest and multi-billion-valued companies. People see them as one of the most promising and relatable service providers in the future. So, what does this company do, and what kind of benefits you can get from them?

What Does Facedrive Do?

Facedrive utilizes the green energy car or transportation and applies it on many fields. We already know the ride-sharing term that has been popularized by Uber and other similar services. Facedrive does the same and brings it to the next level by utilizing the environmentally friendlier car. Yes, we are talking about EV (Electric Vehicle) here.

Unlike the other ride-sharing service, the usage of EV changes the whole concept of this business. It adds another precious value to it, which is the low-emission and green energy car. That way this service also saves our Earth from the danger of pollution caused by fossil fuel from cars and other vehicles.

Furthermore, Facedrive also expands its service. Not only ride-sharing, but they also provide e-commerce shipping, food delivery service, and health industry transportation. All those services are provided by using the green energy car. It looks like a simple chance on one element of the transportation service. But, this small change will bring a huge effect to our Earth’s sustainability.

The Benefits of Using Facedrive Services

One of the best things you can get from Facedrive is the practicality or maybe we should call it convenience. This company’s service now is accessible through apps. So, you can order their service whenever and wherever you need it. As long as you are in this company’s operation area, you can try to use them.

Furthermore, it is also more comfortable to use the green energy car. Unlike the fossil fuel car, green energy gives you a calm and relaxing atmosphere. So, if you want to escape from your stressful routine after work, try to use it to have a trip to your living place. You get the best transportation and comfortable ride. Or, you also can get a similar experience when you want to order food.

As for the business owner, using a green energy service like this also improves your image on the market. People now are aware of any environment-related stuff. So, by adding the green service to your business, you get the marketing boost that you need.

Last but not least, you also can make extra money from this service. If you have an EV car, apply as a driver on Facedrive. You will get a nice income with your car.


Facedrive is indeed one of the most important services that start a better business environment in the future. Moreover, they also launched the Steer EV subscription that further strengthens their business. We and our beloved Earth can expect nothing but a good thing from this decision.



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