The Benefits of Taking Office 365 Migration by Affinity MSP for Companies

Nowadays, working is more flexible with the use of teleconference technology. This technology even has valuable features that allow users to do more than just an online meeting. Microsoft, as one of the most popular software companies, develops Office 365. Check the details below before doing Office 365 migration.

Support Remote Working

Office 365 is suitable for employees who have to work remotely. Employees can create a virtual meeting or conference no matter the distance. This software also has several valuable features that support its users to share files. The system helps the transfer process faster no matter the location and device.

Protect Data

Users can share and keep their data while doing the Office 365 migration process. Microsoft tries to keep the process safe and secure by constantly upgrading the data security systems. The latest data security systems protect data from a variety of cyberthreats. As a result, there is nothing to worry about during the data transferring or migration process.

Comfortable Virtual Meeting

You have to meet your clients, customers, and colleagues flexibly no matter where you are. An online or virtual meeting is the best solution. Indeed, Office 365 provides users with a virtual meeting technology. Users can also share valuable content and keep connected with their teams, colleagues, or clients. As a result, users still have a strong bond with their colleagues, clients, customers, or teams no matter where they are. They can also set the virtual meeting anytime they want. This software also has features that boost communication and collaboration for maximal job performance.

Fast Speed

Microsoft knows that productivity is one of the crucial things in a company. The better the productivity, the more results the company achieves. That’s why Office 365 applies cloud-based technology, along with a fast speed and smooth process. Users can share content with their friends, colleagues, clients, customers, or teams right away. As a result, you can finish all the tasks and achieve the business goals maximally.

Large Storage

Imagine how many shelves or how big a room you need to save all the business files. Office 365 prepares the cloud where you can migrate data. The cloud is not only for supporting the Office 365 migration process but also to let you save the data securely. It is great to have a technology that keeps your business data safe, along with an affordable maintenance cost.

Where To Get Office 365

Companies can get Office 365 from a certified partner of Microsoft. AffinityMSP is one of the certified partner companies. Microsoft supports its certified partner with the latest business tools at a reasonable price. Companies don’t have to do integration, configuration, and migration by themselves. This service has IT specialists that are ready to integrate, configure, and migrate the systems and data companies need to do. After that, companies can improve their services and work more effectively. Employees of the companies can do something that they may not do before.

The Way to Request The Software

Companies only have to contact Affinity MSP to share things they need. This service will create and implement the right IT strategy based on the goals the companies want. Companies can work efficiently and feel more benefits once they do the Office 365 migration and use the features.


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