The Role of Passage Planning Software for Shipping Industry

Navigate a ship needs specific skills. The process will be perfect if the navigator uses the best navigation technology. A specific developer such as Amnautical cares about the use of technology to help people, including to help ship navigators. This developer introduces passage planning software for a digital navigation system.

About Passage Planning Software

Amnautical develops software known as SPICA. This software aims to help ship navigators, companies, engineers, and consultants to get the simplest and more efficient shipping route planning. The shipping companies are about to use software with the latest technology for an accurate digital system while shipping. This software gives something that the traditional shipping route system doesn’t.

The Benefits of Using SPICA

Shipping companies get a lot of benefits when they are using this passage planning software. One of the benefits is that ship navigators get accurate routes. A navigator only has to input the port and let SPICA generate the path automatically. Navigate a ship is much easier, especially in specific conditions where navigators can’t detect the route. This software can’t only help to decide the path but also calculate the departure times, arrival times, and leg speeds. The best part is that the navigators don’t have to learn complicated knowledge. They can use the system right away and get the things they want before shipping.

The information on the software is also complete, including points, lines, areas, annotations, and visual routing. The more detailed the information, the better for navigators because they know the condition of the ship.

How about safety? Navigators must sure that the ship is safe during shipping. The developer of this software knows that safety is everything. Because of that, they develop software with a feature that can monitor the sea state, wind, water currents, pressure, sea ice, and typhoons.


This software is not about to compete against the previous digital products to support the shipping industry. The system of this software even supports those digital products. Let say navigators can overlay the cart with Tides and Radio Signals from other ADMIRALTY Digital Products, including ATT, ADL, AVCS, ADRS, and AENP.

The Way to Get This Software

So, how if your company want to know more about this software? You can visit the official website of Amnautical. Then, you can request a demo. The demo guides you to feel how easy and comfortable when you are using SPICA to support shipping schedules. Order it once you think that SPICA gives a lot of benefits for your company and shipping industry. Follow the instructions to get the software immediately.


The shipping industry has a vital role. A ship transports a huge number of people and gods. It will be great if this industry can improve its technology. As a result, shipping companies can serve their customers better than before.

Installing Passage planning software is one thing that shipping companies can do. This software improves the performance of a ship. Navigators can also manage, control, and monitor their ships easier than before. Indeed, companies can also keep the safety and comfort of their passengers.

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