The Use of Firma Grafometrica GDPR for Running a Business or Company

With the rise of technology, some countries apply paperless methods. It means that they don’t print the documents and keep them as digital documents. So, how about if you have to sign the documents? In this case, you also sign the documents digitally. A specific service, such as provides you with a Firma grafometrica GDPR technology. Check the explanation below.

About Graphometric Signature

A graphometric signature is a type of electronic signature based on the biometric data and graph metric parameters. In a specific country, such as Italy, biometric data are regulated by the GDPR.

The regulation explains that the signature confirms the identification of the data. The process uses two elements, which are hardware and software. The hardware elements help to detect the biometric data. The software elements will collect and analyze the data with the available data in the database.

The Benefits of Using Graphometric Signature 

Indeed, Firma grafometrica GDPR is different from a traditional signature method. Users will get more benefits using this new signature method.

Legal and Valid 

Digital signatures are becoming popular in some countries. For example, this technology is common in Italy and Europe, especially because it is also supported by GDPR. Nowadays, eIDAS and AgID regulate the use of digital signatures in those countries.


Indeed, a digital signature is safer than the traditional signature method. This technology is using double-key encryption. The system also uses a database to analyze the signature with the original. Due to the use of codes, not all people can’t duplicate the signature.


A digital signature is using a private key that keeps the identity of the signatory. As a result, your documents are unalterable after subscribing them digitally.

Saving Time

Everyone can take the benefits of digital signature, including companies. Imagine how long you have to spend to sign a pack of documents when doing it manually? Digital signature technology solves this problem. Users can sign multiple documents at the same time. Your job will be much easier and more effective.

Environmentally Friendly 

The use of digital signature technology is also environmentally friendly. You don’t need to print the documents at all, only to read and sign. This technology allows you to sign the document directly from your smartphone, tablet, and any device.

The Way to Use Confirmo Digital Signature Technology 

In the case you are using Confirmo, you can digitally sign documents in the form of PDF and Microsoft Word on the PC, tablet, and smartphone. Choose to sign and enter the private key to apply your signature with this technology. The documents that should be signed are done in a few minutes.

The information explains the use and benefits of using Firma grafometrica GDPR above help to understand the technology. At least, you can start considering using this technology to support your business or company.

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