Things You Have to Consider Before Choosing the Right PCB Company

A PCB or Printed Circuit Board has a crucial role in the electronics, aerospace, medical, automotive, and smartphone industries. Companies use this component to connect electronic components through conductive tracks and pads. The bigger the company, the more PCBs they need to produce products immediately. APCT is one of the recommended companies that serve a variety of industries with prototype PCB. So, here are the things to consider before choosing the right PCB company?

Fast PCB Productions 

The speed to produce PCB is crucial to meet the target of the companies to launch its products to the market. That’s why you have to consider this criterion before choosing the right PCB company. Take APCT as an example. This company can finish about 2 to 10 layer projects in only 24 hours and 12 to 24 layer boards in only 48 hours. This company can also produce Via in Pad technology in only 48 up to 72 hours. HDI technology boards are another crucial component. APCT can finish it in only three up to five days. This company is one of the fastest PCB manufacturers due to the speed they need to complete projects.

PCB Quality 

Indeed, you have to verify that the company provides a high-quality prototype PCB that meets your standards. High-quality PCB means that the PCB company can produce the board in the right dimensions that you need. The technology and team support the company to drill the holes accurately, along with minimum board warping. As a result, the PCB is passing through the board test. APCT is not only producing PCB faster but also a high-quality standard. The company can reach the specifications because of the advanced facilities, the best equipment, and manufacturing methodologies. The idea is to produce PCB based on the specifications that its clients need.

Complete Your Specifications Request

Indeed, the company has to complete your PCB specifications. It shows that the company is ready to accept your order and finish it perfectly based on the deadline. A PCB company needs the latest facilities, equipment, and methodologies to accept this challenge. APCT tries to grow and be a better PCB company by developing and improving its tools, equipment, facilities, and methodologies. That’s why this company accepts a variety of PCB specifications from some clients, especially clients from Allentown, PA business areas. The company also supports its clients with the best customer service and support to get a satisfactory result.


Friendly customer service is also a crucial thing. Customer service guides a client to order their company, along with clear and right specifications. This team also helps to answer all questions from the clients about PCB before they order it. The friendlier the customer service, the more comfortable the clients. As a result, the chance for them to order is bigger. APCT is ready with professional teams, including their customer service team. They are ready to help clients from Allentown, PA by phone, online form, or email account to get the right prototype PCB based on the specifications.


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