What You Need to Know About TV Box

Along with the rapid development of technology, more and more people start using a Smart TV. With more entertainment offered, it is reasonable that smart TVs are pricey. For those of you who want to enjoy the perks of smart TVs but are tight on a budget, having a TV box can be a great solution. There are a lot of TV box products out there, such as unblocktechaustrliabox.com. It has 2 different products, which are Unblock Tech Ubox 9 Box and Unblock Tech Ubox 8 Box. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about TV boxes.

What is a TV Box?

A TV box is an electronic device that can change your TV into a smart TV by connecting it. This electronic device uses an operating system like Android. TV boxes are generally equipped with Google Assistant and Chromecast or Miracast. With Google Assistant, you can use a voice order. This way, you can just say what you want to search on YouTube instead of typing it.

While the Chromecast or Miracast feature can mirror from your smartphone screen to your TV. With this feature, you can display your presentation or video conference to a wider, more comfortable screen. A TV box allows you to download apps, watch local and foreign TV channels, and stream movies on streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

Some products can even connect you to premium cable channels at no additional cost. When you install a TV box on your smart TV, this device will enhance the capabilities according to the features it offers.

How to Choose a TV Box

∙         Check the Operating System Used

The operating system is software functioning to regulate or control the working of an electronic device. An Android TV box uses the Android operating system to run. Because it uses the Android OS, the user interface is similar to Android smartphones. If it is possible, choose a TV box that uses the latest operating system. The latest operating system will provide you with better performance as well as better security systems.

∙         Consider the Memory Capacity

The memory is divided into 2 types, which are Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM). If you plan to install many apps on your TV box, choose the one that has a large RAM. On the other hand, with a large ROM, you will be able to save more music and videos.

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