4 Tips on Buying 6AV2123-2GA03-0AX0 Siemens HMI Online

Buying the 6AV2123-2GA03-0AX0 Siemens HMI online can be the best option you have. It can help you find the product easier. However, you have to be extra careful when buying this Siemens HMI from the internet by following these essential tips.

Check Product Description

Being a savvy buyer is essential when you want to find this product online. First things first, you must not forget to check the product description before purchasing the product. There will be information that this product is a SIMATIC HMI. It comes with a KTP700 basic DP along with a basic panel and key or touch operation.

Do not forget to pay attention to the screen display. It has a TFT display 7 inches in size. The screen display can deliver 65536 colors. The navigation is supported by the PROFIBUS interface. Users can configure it easily as WinCC Basic V13 or STEP 7 Basic V13. Each product contains open-source software. This software is available for free.

Check Product Condition

You might have a preference when buying the 6AV2123-2GA03-0AX0 product. You have an option to buy a used one but for a long-term inventory, buying the new one will always be the best choice. That is why you need to make sure that the product is new. This information is another important thing to find besides the product description. To make sure that the product is still new and in its best condition, the product must have NFS – brand new factory-sealed information. It can tell you the product offered is original. You do not want to spend a lot of money buying a fake product especially when you need to use it to support your work.

Pay Attention to Shipping

Buying any product online means that you also have to consider the shipping cost. The product cost is not the only thing you have to pay. You have to check the shipping cost before making an order. The shipping company used will affect the reach of the product delivery. It is better to choose the offer with worldwide shipping support to make everything goes smoothly.

The shipping cost you have to pay will be affected by the weight of the product. This product has 0.80 kilograms of weight. You just need to accumulate the weight of the product amounts you purchase. The starting point of the delivery will also play an important role to determine the shipping cost. You need to pay attention to where the product will be sent from.

Check Warranty and Return Policy

Of course, you must not forget to check the product warranty. The warranty might be different from one and another seller. You can narrow down your seller choice by considering the product warranty offered. Buying this product without a warranty is not a good choice especially since this product is essential for productive activity.

Besides the product warranty, you also have to consider the return policy of the product. 6AV2123-2GA03-0AX0 can be returned but you have to follow the return policy of the manufacturer. The sellers might have nothing to do with the product return.

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