6 Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Market a Small Business Online

Marketing a small business online is critical to success in today’s world. The internet provides unlimited access to the right customer base, providing a means for a small business to succeed outside of a local area. Although the concept sounds easy on paper, it involves combining a variety of different marketing tactics to create a holistic small business marketing strategy. Doing this is crucial to the marketing success of your small business online. With that in mind, are some of the effective online small business marketing tactics that you should follow.

  1. Google My Business

Listing your small business on Google My Business is among the most powerful online marketing strategies. Listing your business in this directory makes your business website more visible and accessible to local customers. If your business is targeting local clients, then Google My Business is a sure way of ensuring they find you easily in Google search results.

  1. Facebook Advertising

Advertising a business on Facebook is one of the effective and inexpensive way of reaching virtually any audience. What makes Facebook advertising so effective is that the ads have advanced targeting that allows you to target specific audience. You can use specific factors like age, interests, sex, geographical location, and online behavior to target a specific audience. Creating the ads is also easy as you only need an image, descriptive copy, and a link.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective approaches of promoting a small business online. The process involves creating and distributing content that is relevant, valuable, and consistent with the aim of attracting and retaining a clearly-defined audience. As the audiences grows in size, the business can drive more profitable customer action. This approach to online marketing focuses on long-term results with the initial payoffs being low. However, when properly implemented, content marketing can help in reaching sustainable growth in visitors, customers, and leads.

  1. Google Ads

With more than 40,000 search queries occurring on Google every second, the platform provides a great way of reaching the biggest possible audience. Compared to other platforms, Google Ads has the greatest potential of getting to the highest number of customers. Since Google Ads have been around for a long time (under the name Google Adwords), they are easy to use and quite understandable. This mean that you can easily see the results since you understand what you are doing. Furthermore, Google ads are symbiotic as you can pair them with other strategies like content marketing and search engine optimization to maximize your results.

  1. Organic Social Media

Social media provides unlimited marketing opportunities for small businesses. With the majority of people using social media on a daily basis, businesses can benefit greatly from this readily available audience. Organic social media strategies like the use of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram are some of the effective ways in which small businesses can drive engagement higher and ultimately create sales.

  1. Email Marketing

As far as digital marketing is concerned, email marketing is key. The majority of the people that visit a website do not make a purchase immediately. One of the ways of keeping such customers engaged and encourage them to take action is email marketing. Doing so starts with a lead magnet by offering customers something of value like a free digital download in exchange for their email address. Once they provide their email, it is then used to consistently provide them with valuable content to keep them engaged and ultimately sales information so that they can purchase your products or services.

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