A Simple Guide To Help You In Launching Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

Although Facebook is the preferred marketing platform these days most of us have no idea how advertising on Facebook works. While previously organic reach was more than enough for businesses to grow on this platform, it is no more the case since Facebook has changed the algorithms recently.

This is why strategically making a Facebook paid ad campaign is necessary now. Since it involves the use of money, we have to be careful to not lose our entire investment budget on the wrong ad, which does not bring any sales or conversion.

Even when organic reach is non-existing, most marketers are profitably running their Facebook marketing campaigns and still receiving enough convertible leads to generate a good ROI from paid ads.

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Steps to follow to run a Facebook ad campaign

  1. Choose the campaign objective and give your campaign a name:
  • State the objective, whether you want to run a campaign for creating brand awareness, or get leads, or promote sales.
  • Once you have defined your objective, you must name your campaign.
  1. Set the ad running schedule and put a cap on your budget:
  • Choose the period for which your ad will run.
  • Put a cap on your daily budget for every ad set.
  1. Define your target audience:
  • Customize your audience based on demographics, geographical locations, and interests.
  1. Choose where do you want to place your ad:
  • Next is to select ad placement based on where you want your ad to show up.
  • Common ad placements for Facebook ads are newsfeed, in stream-videos, messenger, and in the search result.
  1. Set brand safety control:
  • Setting up this control will prevent your ad from getting connected with any of the restricted products or sensitive issues.
  1. Set cost control features:
  • Optimize your bidding strategy and place caps on the bid amount for every ad group.
  1. Add content and visuals to your ad:
  • Finally ad text and visual elements to your ad.
  • Create the ad using video or slideshow features and send it for review.

5 Best Facebook ad activities to follow for good results

  1. Use the entertainment value of video ads to engage your audience:
  • Everyone scrolls past a boring ad.
  • All the visual elements of your ad must be eye-catching and should have some entertainment value.
  • Video ads work best for catching attention and provoking emotions in the audience, thus, giving your ad the best chance to get some good conversion.
  1. Use Facebook Pixel:
  • It is a Facebook code that helps you in tracking conversions and remarketing your ad to people who have visited your website.
  • This also helps you in creating a lookalike audience.
  1. Use Facebook Offers:
  • With this Facebook feature, you can easily promote the latest ongoing discounts and deals and let your customers use them at the earliest.
  • You can ask audience to sign up for a free event or capture their attention to take advantage of a coupon code immediately.
  1. Keep testing, tracking, and optimizing:
  • Every change you incorporate in your ad should be first tested and tracked before you are ready to invest your full budget in the new ad copy.
  • Keep optimizing your ads to eliminate the creatives that are not producing results.
  • It is best to run a few small-budget ads rather than 1 ad by putting in your entire budget.
  1. Change ad frequency:
  • Showing your ad to every person only once will not bring you any conversions. They won’t even remember your brand name.
  • On the other hand, a very high frequency also works against us as people start reporting the ads and therefore, benefits get stalled.
  • Keep experimenting with the ad frequency that works perfectly for you.

The relationship of most advertisers with Facebook is a bit complicated unless you can utilize the channel to its full potential. Give the right direction to your advertising strategy on Facebook and you will surely see some positive results in the form of better engagement, click-through rate, and ROI.

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