Ambient, Accent, And Task Lighting – How to Use Them to Create A Powerful Lighting Effect?

Whether you install lighting for the latest designer look or powerful lighting effects, a proper understanding of different types of lighting is necessary to create the perfect lighting balance. The ambient, accent and task lighting are the three main lighting types. Let us understand how to use each of them to design the best interior lighting scheme.

  1. Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the primary lighting source for your home and resembles natural lighting at night. It is a general-purpose lighting fixture that provides enormous light for the clear vision of your interior space. Generally, ambient lighting is made strong, durable, and reliable for soft and powerful lighting.

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While installing ambient lighting, you must evaluate the size of the room and the amount of natural light entering into the room. It will help you to install the right number of bulbs in the ambient lighting fixture for proper and decent lighting effects. You can use chandeliers, track lights, recessed lights, and ceiling fan lights for your ambient lighting designs.

  1. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to illuminate a particular area to highlight its features. They help to add style and artistic design to your room by bringing attention to some of the structural features and prominent objects. Accent lighting is used in individual, commercial, and professional spaces for aesthetic glamour.

You can install accent lighting to emphasis on the unique artworks and value objects to enhance their beauty. The wall sconces, torchiere, spot lights and niche lights are some of the accent lighting fixtures to create an attractive and beautiful interior lighting. Some of the ambient lighting like recessed lights, track lights and chandeliers are also designed in special shapes and sizes to work like accent lighting.

A proper accent lighting can be installed by determining the size and importance of the featured object or area that you want to highlight. You can also select the shape and illumination of light fixture based on the feel and view required.

  1. Task Lighting

Task lighting provides light for completing specific task at workstation or home. You can install them for studying, cooking, mechanical repairing and maintenance job, and much more without straining your eyes. They are adjustable and sleek and are designed to easily adapt space at any workstation. They can be used as guidance light, indoor cabinet light, table lamps or practical purpose lighting.

Tasking light assist you to carry any specific job. For instance, you can install guidance light in the lower trims of your walls to guide you to bathroom under insufficient light at night. This way your purpose is served without disturbing others. You can use table lamps, pendant lights, floor lamps and vanity lights for tasking lighting.

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