Best Solution to Create Caption for Your Video

Do you have a video that is ready to upload? You may need to wait a bit and add the caption to it. Maybe, your target audience speaks in the same language as the language you use in your video. However, there are times when what you said in that video is difficult to understand because you speak too fast or not that clear. For that reason, you will need a video caption or subtitle to help your audience to understand your video content. And, to ensure the best result, you can use help from Captioning service providers.

What do They do?

Captioning service provider, as its name implies, is a service that will create a caption for your video. The provider for this service has a team of transcriptionists and experts. They can understand each word that you say in your video. Then, they turn it into a subtitle or caption for your video.

The accuracy for this service is pretty high. The captioning process can provide the result with 99% of accuracy. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the mistake that may occur in the caption. It mostly will be alright and help the audience to understand your content easily.

How Does It Work?

To use the help from Captioning service providers is easy. First of all, you should prepare the video. Make sure, the video is in high resolution. Of course, you also have to check the audio. Use the high-frequency audio to produce the crystal clear sound, so the service provider can capture the content of your video.

Once you have that video, you should send it to the service provider. In most cases, you also have to pay for their service at this stage. But, some of the service providers also allow you to pay it after they finish your order, just before they send the result.

After you send your video, the captioning service will make the caption for the video. The times they take to create a full caption for the video is varying. However, mostly, it takes around a day, depending on the length of your video. A shorter video will be much faster.

Once they finish the captioning process, they will send the result in two different file formats. They are in Word format, so you can easily check the content in them. Plus, it has a timestamp as well, so you can match it with your video much faster. The other file format is the caption/subtitle format. Mostly, the captioning service provider will give you an SRT format file. This format is standard and easy to use. Plus, it also is compatible with various video platforms and players.


You can do it manually by yourself, though. However, it will be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, using professional help, in this case, is Captioning service providers, is the best solution. You get an accurate result, faster, and no need to waste your energy to get the caption file you need.

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