Can Printed Catalog Work in the Digital Age?

All businesses have different ways to showcase their products, services, and sales.   Others have used websites as their primary way of marketing already.  But, are you sure that you will disregard printed catalogs for good?  Better hesitate because, for many companies, catalog marketing is their key sales initiative.  Although they also use digital catalogs they did not take for granted the sales that printed ones could make.

Offline marketing just like printed materials for business carries many benefits in the industry.  It opens an opportunity to communicate with your potential customers and even customers in offline bases.  Some companies invest still in an offline marketing strategy because it is a convenient format to entice others with what your business could offer visually.    As part of strategic planning, investing in business promotion should be wise and long lasting.  In this case, the catalog can serve you that because it has a longer lifespan than any other forms of marketing.

If its maker well designs the catalog, it will be retained to your customers and future customers because they will continue browsing and referring to the business offered in the list, for many times.  That is why, before you will plan with your marketing group, prepare and ready your services or products in front of your audience in your printed catalog because the following will be the most significant reasons on why published catalog work still in a digital age.

1. People keep catalogs for future references

In Scandinavian countries, approximately, before purchasing products online, 38% of their consumers found and read products through a printed catalog.  The use of directories helps potential customers to find complementary information – a better complete graphic presentation.  In the future time, people may read or browse over your directory that leads them to order if they are well convinced with the marketing style inside your paper.  Since the list is printed, other people may have read it even one friend only passes it to another.  In possible chance, it will get your business to be exposed by prospect customers and other audiences.  It is more convenient for many people because it is easier to browse products in printed catalogs.

2. Increase clients’ trust

The rampant fake news spread through the internet has made people hesitant to the content posted on websites.  Research has shown that consumers regardless of age mostly believe and trust the content found in printed materials rather than digital ones.  The published content is much more believable and trustworthy.  If the business uses printed catalogs; it makes it unquestionable towards anyone who reads it.  Also, most people prefer digital content for recreational purposes or entertainment; however, the printed reading provides comprehensive and understandable meaning.

The printed catalogs are mostly the preferred tool as compared to online directories.   Even though you can post new products online, it has a lesser impact rather than the outcomes printed and disseminated through the business’ annual inventory.  When you invest in getting your business a directory, it implies to people your seriousness and trustworthiness in the product you are selling at the same time your plan of expansion for good.

3. Projects brand image

Since catalogs are portable, anticipate that it may create demand to the people especially the loyal customers you have.  So make sure that you have plans on scaling it up so that you will not disappoint new customers if they get started towards your business.  By giving catalogs, it is likely similar to putting products in the hands of the customer.  As they walk with the directory you have provided, they will help you establish a brand identity which can be hard to achieve if not well marketed.   It is a great way to update loyal customers and to share awareness to potential clients of your brand and the products which they may be interested.

4. Tangible in a single catalog

The difficult task to search for the product on the internet or turning the pages from one to another makes people give a higher want of skimming through a catalog with one single sheet.  By this instance, you can include the entirety of your product line up in a single piece of a directory.  It can be carried and scrutinized fairly by clients who are holding it.  Having one single section of a catalog for browsing is a friendly way of viewing products.


As these are the reasons for taking printed catalog despite the broad use of internet nowadays, printed material still competes within the industry.  Whenever you make decisions regarding your directory, never forget to scrutinize the arrangement of its content.  Aside from that, the final output of the list should be the same as what the layout is planned.   To make this happen, hire PrintPro in Winnipeg to create a lasting impression with the catalog printing service they have undergone the best quality control.

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