Do I need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server?

Find out if it’s time to switch to a Dedicated Server. Don’t wait until you detect problems on your website!

Many times, companies will reach the time when they need to upgrade their hosting to continue providing excellent navigation to their users. Shared hosting is sometimes a good option, or easy to start; However, if you have targeted the growth of your business, there will be a moment when the website needs to upgrade the hosting plan.

We know that it is challenging to determine the right moment to upgrade the plan. That is why the objective of this post is to let you know the possible problems that a shared hosting plan could cause on a website. Therefore, you can upgrade to a dedicated serverat the right moment.

Why Do I Need a Dedicated Server?

Those who already have a website will ask why I need a dedicated server if their current web hosting plan offers:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Domains

Perhaps, you are reading this article because your current types of web hosting fell short. You also do not know whether you should take a dedicated web hosting or not.

So, what does unlimited mean?

Are bandwidth, emails, databases, etc. unlimited?

Yes, they are unlimited as long as the use is “staggered” and the hosting service is not abused.

This means that the web hosting plan is unlimited but not infinite.

We can make the following analogy:

You rent a car for a month. Therefore, you can use it unlimitedly within what the contract allows.However, if you rented a sedan car, you are not allowed to use it in off-road tracks.

So, if I wanted to rent a car to travel on off roads, it would be best to rent a 4×4 vehicle.

It also happens with web hosting plans.

When is the right time to buy a dedicated server?

You need to buy a dedicated server hosting:

  • When you need to store and share a large number of files.
  • When you need access to the root directory.
  • When you have a lot of traffic at the same time

Now,let me explain.

1. Store and share a large number of files

If your website is informative, you only publish information with the occasional photo; then, you should not worry about it. However, if your online businesscorresponds to a classified website where users must upload images, pdf documents or videos, then you need a dedicated server.

2. When root directory access is required

And why would we need access to the root directory?

Perhaps, you will ask yourself.

A web development project can reach the levels of complexity you cannot imagine. Sometimes, it is necessary to install programs and / or make changes to specific files. The root directory is not accessible through shared servers. However, you can do it on dedicated servers or private virtual servers (VPS). That way, you can:

  • Modify the PHP.ini Configuration File
  • Locate malicious files
  • Configure APACHE and MySQL
  • Edit Critical System Files
  • Repair system files, and more

Having access to the root directory can be a great advantage.

3. When you have a lot of traffic

How much traffic is a lot of?

It is difficult to define. It is because the concept of “a lot of traffic” is defined not by the amount of traffic that a hosting plan can withstand in an hour, day, or month. Instead, this is the amount of simultaneous traffic. It is how many users can access your website at the same time.

If your project is very large and you plan to invest reasonable sums of money in traffic generation, you probably need a dedicated server.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to opt for a dedicated server beyond traffic and storage space. If your project will be large since its development, it is best to be cautious and buy a dedicated server that allows you to have total control.

Before making a final decision, study very well, which web hosting provider gives you the most? You should always prioritize its security, stability, and support.

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