Escape Room in Northwest Indiana Deals with Technology that Will Test Your Skills and Knowledge

Spending time in an escape room with family or friends is fun. It gives you time to talk and know each other well. Northwest Indiana is a recommended place to find this challenging game. Locked In at The Lake is a popular escape room in Northwest Indiana. It consists of several rooms to try.

The Vault Escape Room 

A family consisting of 4 up to 10 members can try the Vault Escape Room. The game begins when your group enters the lobby of Safe Holdings Bank. Unfortunately, some of them are trapped in the bank’s vault.

Indeed, one of the missions is to get them out from the area by solving a variety of puzzles. The task is not done yet because all of you have to work together to achieve the final task. Each puzzle and obstacle are challenging and even boosts your adrenaline.

The Vault Escape Room is suitable for people who love anything about high-tech. This high-tech escape room is not scary, so it is safe for those who don’t like dreadful things. The difficulty level is 8 out of 10, so your team may think harder to solve each puzzle.

The Lake House Escape Room 

The Lake House escape room in Northwest Indiana is also popular among visitors. Unlike the Vault Escape Room, the Lake House is more traditional. Your group is about to explore Cedar Lake and the Ball family lake house.

The family lake prepares tasks to choose the best heir. Indeed, they will not make it easy. Use your skill and knowledge to finish all the tasks and achieve the big surprise.

It seems that the Lake House is not as difficult as the Vault, yet the difficulty level is 7 out of 10. This escape room is good for those who prefer to solve puzzles instead of dealing with something scary.

Under the Stars Escape Room 

The Under the Stars escape room is also interesting to try. The tasks are a combination of technology and classic systems. The story begins when your group has gone hiking. The problem starts when all of you get lost in Whispering Woods.

The tasks seem to test your cooperation as a team. All of you should use and see any possible clue that leads you to solve the tasks and out of the area.

It is more challenging because the time is limited. Under the stars escape room the stars are more difficult than the two escape rooms above. The difficulty is 9 out of 10. It is perfect for 2 up to 6 people.

The Missing Piece 

Locked In at the Lake tries to improvise by designing a new escape room entitled the Missing Piece. Your group is about to play games and look for missing pieces on every game. Your job is to find all the missing pieces and complete the games in only 60 minutes. You will be amazed by the large life board game. They design this escape room for 4 to 10 players.

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