Issues to face while printing online

The print industry’s competitive nature presents many challenges to both new and seasoned businesses alike. Many companies have revamped their production to maintain their market position because of the potential to provide competitive pricing, bespoke printing choices, and highly customized projects.

Online printing services provide a variety of advantages over traditional techniques or visiting a print shop. Utilizing online printing services enables you to take a more creative approach to product control, which is excellent for small companies and individuals. Designer tools, customized templates, professional customer support, competitive pricing, and print-on-demand services have transformed the way people buy.

Here are a few issues that customers may encounter when printing online, which are detailed below:

·       Limited design options:

To have your product printed online, you may feel limited to a few choices since the customer designs it himself on internet platforms. Online website materials are created based on client requests, and customers may be restricted in their selection of product size, stock, and color choices provided by

·       Unpredictable product quality:

One of the most frequent problems that customers encounter while printing online is a lack of product quality. The product’s quality is often not up to the standards shown in the images. When you go to a local shop or have your goods printed in person, you can touch and feel the paper thickness, sizes, and product colors. Still, when you purchase for the first time on an internet site, you may not clarify the above specifications.

·       Unsecure payment methods:

Even though we now have a variety of digital payment methods such as:

  • Credit card payment
  • Net banking
  • Credit or debit card payments
  • Mobile banking

The issue of digital payment failure can occur due to website server errors and payment gateway problems. These types of technical glitches have made customers insecure, which is why they prefer to pay cash. With the increased frequency of online fraud, users are becoming more hesitant to provide their credit card information through the online procedure on this website.

·       The delivery date is not confirmed:

In the online printing industry, the production and design process goes through various stages and several rounds of approval. Some websites, just like Print Factory, provides the delivery date immediately after making the purchase, but not all.

·       The digital transition

There has been speculation that print is on its way out in a world where digital reigns dominant, from marketing to support services. The reality, however, is far from that assumption. Paper and print are still vital to an infinite number of businesses. Print providers have found themselves in a good situation where they can link print and digital in ways that complement each other and produce strong outcomes.


The majority of online printing service providers strive to resolve these problems to provide their customers a better service. As UK’s leading print e-commerce marketplace, we provide business and individual customers with Web-to-print and Mobile-to-print services.

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