Solutions To Fix The Spotify Web Player Not Working Issue!

If you desire to focus on the help of the preferred tunes, it can be quite a pain if you face the Spotify Web Player Not Working error. But we’re here to help you with that. Here’re a few of the common solutions that ought to assist you in getting the Spotify music fix as soon as possible.

Clear Browser Cache & Cookies:

Cache and cookies assist the browser function more effortlessly by remembering significant info like logins. At times, however, the info can be misremembered, directing to issues with the Spotify web player. So, before jumping into more drastic fixes, you ought to clear the recent cache and cookies.

Switch Off The Ad Blockers Or Whitelist Your Spotify:

Believe it or not, even if you’ve the Spotify Premium Free, the add-ons for the ad-blocking can really interfere with your Spotify web player. You can just switch them off using the add-ons menu of the browser or the toolbar icon. However, if you’re making use of the uBlock Origin, which we suggest over other advertisement blockers, you can whitelist the entire domains.

For doing this, sly click the icon for uBlock Origin from your toolbar > open the dashboard simply by clicking on the 4th icon from the right under the large enable or disable button. Now, go to the Whitelist section > click on the sites’ list > begin typing. When you have typed in your Spotify address, simply click on the Apply changes option. You ought to then close all the opened windows and restart the browser. Now the Spotify web player ought to be as good as new!

Update Or Switch The Web Browser:

First of all, if you’re a user of a Mac system and you have not utilized Spotify in a while, you ought to acquaint that web player of Spotify no longer can work on Safari. Switch over to Firefox, Chrome, or Opera web browser. More obscure web browsers are more likely to have issues with your Spotify web player. However, if you’re already utilizing one of these three web browsers and still have issues, you ought to check for the updates.

If you have disabled the automatic updates, there’re a few steps you can really take. On the Chrome browser, click on the menu (the three dots) > choose Update Google Chrome option. If you do not see it, it means that the browser is already updated. On Mozilla Firefox, go to the menu > click Help, followed by the About Firefox option. A new window ought to open, and Mozilla Firefox will start checking and downloading accessible updates automatically. Once it is finished, restart the web browser and check if that had any effect on the Spotify web player.

Note: Google Chrome has had issues with the Spotify web player formerly according to the posts on Spotify’s official forum, so if you’re not really picky about the browser, try Opera or Firefox. Or Edge, if you’re that kind of individual.

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