The Latest Cellphone Direction Finder Technology for Law Enforcement Purposes

A cellphone direction finder is a device for tracking a transmitter. This device is often mounted on a vehicle to find a specific signal. Iflexc is one of the companies that provide solutions to intercept, record, monitor, and control cell phone conversations over GSM. Their services include providing the products below.

Cell Phone Handheld Direction Finder 

Users use this product to know and find the location of specific cellular phones. This device is compatible with 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE cellular phones. Users should register the mobile phones they want to detect on the active monitoring system to detect it.

Some users prefer to use this product because they can use dedicated software to find the transmitting units. Ensure that the direction finder is tuned to the same ARFCN channel as the BTS of the monitoring system before knowing and finding the location of the registered cellular phones.

Active GSM Cell Phone Interceptor 

Users can’t only monitor the location of their cellular phones but also intercept their incoming calls and messages by using an active GSM cell phone interceptor. This device is effective to intercept outgoing and incoming calls and messages in real-time. Users can even control the outgoing call, create a fake caller ID for outgoing calls, and even manipulate the targeted phone. Indeed, this device helps to find the direction and location of the targeted phones.

Cell Phone Number Grabber 

Besides offering a cellphone direction finder, the company also produces a cellphone number grabber. A cell phone number grabber helps to get the MSISDN of all the nearby cellular phones. Users can also get the IMEI and IMSI of cellular phones. This device can receive 2 to 3 records per second with a DC 12V power source and internet connection. The performance is stronger with the help of a single directional or omnidirectional antenna.

IMSI Catcher Baseband 

This device is using a DC 12V power to catch any 4G phone and report IMSI and its power. The function is not only limited to catching the 4G phones but also redirecting them to other 4G networks. Users can even downgrade the 4G network to a 2G or 3G network. With its system and features, this device gives a fast effect based on the configuration.

All of the devices above, including the cellphone direction finder, are effective enough to support the work of law enforcement and governmental institutions. The team can find the location of the targeted cell phones only by detecting the signal. It can be used to arrest and run after someone or find any evidence.

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