What is SAN Storage? How Does it Affect Your VPS Hosting?

We are generating data at an alarming pace. With millions of gigabytes of data being generated every day, there is a growing concern regarding managing and storing it optimally. In the age of digitization, websites are instrumental in the success and growth of all kinds of businesses. Websites generate a lot of useful and critical data that needs an efficient storage and management solution so that the data can be used effectively. To live up to this challenge, network storage solutions have evolved that are designed to meet the new storage requirements of the market. There are many types of network storage solutions. In this article, we will explore Storage Area Network or SAN and talk about how it affects your VPS Hosting.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

SAN is a network of interconnected storage devices that are available to multiple terminals via a WAN or LAN. SAN is a preferred storage solution used by most web hosts due to the range of benefits offered like:

1.      Zero Disk Space Wastage

Before network storage solutions hit the market, enterprises bought multiple servers and drives to take care of their storage needs. Storage solutions like SAN made the management of storage easy by introducing a central storage system as a single entity. Now, organizations could assign storage efficiently to server application as required. Hence, there was zero wastage of disk space. Many VPS Hosting providers leveraged the benefits of SAN to offer cost-efficient services to their customers.

2.      Instant Disaster Recovery

Websites cannot afford downtimes. People expect businesses (large or small) to be available online around the clock. Hence, the web hosts need to ensure maximum uptimes.

One of the fallbacks of being online is the unwanted exposure to hackers, viruses, etc. If a site is attacked, then it needs protection and a solution to help recover from the disaster quickly. This is where a SAN steps in. It allows the host to create a protection algorithm that safeguards the websites and helps in instant recovery from any disaster.

3.      Backups in no time

Website backups are integral to the security of data. However, anyone who has backed up a website will agree that it is a long-drawn process that can take ages (depending on the amount of data on the website). Hence, most sites would schedule a backup during the non-business hours. Regardless, the time taken would be phenomenal for sites with huge volumes of data. In recent years, the definition of non-peak hours has vanished because people access websites 24×7. Hence, websites needed a quick backup option.

SAN has a feature of data duplication that creates copies of your data instantly. This serves as the backup for your website. The good part is that you can run the duplication at any time without affecting the performance of your website.


Compared to traditional storage solutions, SAN comes with higher upfront costs. However, the benefits offered far outweigh the costs. Hence, good VPS Hosting providers ensure that they offer SAN in with the hosting package. It enables them to enhance the benefits of a virtual private server and bring out the best in your website. If you are looking to buy a new hosting plan or switching to VPS from your current plan, then ensure that you check the type of storage solution used by the host. If it is SAN, then you can cross one important feature off your list. Good Luck!

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